Field Service Pitfalls

One of your machines is down. Your client calls the help desk and burns close to an hour in remote assistance, to no avail. A field service engineer is dispatched to the scene. He inspects the problem. Realizes it had been misdiagnosed and the replacement parts he has brought are irrelevant. He tries to locate the actual problem. He has never encountered this issue before. He searches for similar test cases in his manuals database, in vain. The clock is ticking. The client begins to get anxious. His customers grow impatient. The pressure builds on the field service engineer, whose next customer awaits. . He calls HQ for help and speaks to an in-house expert on the phone, who tries to talk him through it. But the problem is complex and difficult to describe and the communication is disjointed. If only the expert were right there with him. . Now your company is losing money. Complex machinery manufacturers lose billions of dollars every year as a result of field services engineers failing to resolve issues on the first service call. Remote diagnoses can be inaccurate. Getting remote help in the field isn’t easy, particularly in noisy or under-lit environments. Fixes can be slow and clients can suffer from long machine downtimes. Customer satisfaction can plummet. Now, there’s a better way.

Fieldbit comes to save the day!

Fieldbit empowers field engineers at “the moment of truth” by putting the company’s entire vault of technical knowledge at their fingertips. Field engineers collaborate with remote experts in real-time. The remote expert sees what the field engineer sees and superimposes video, data, diagrams, or any other relevant guidance materials, directly onto the engineer’s view of the machine in front of him, via smart glasses. The field engineer uses gentle and intuitive head movements to interact with the smart glasses, so hands are free to commit fixes while simultaneously receiving guidance. Successful collaborations are recorded, saved and cataloged, so solutions are accessible by field engineers facing identical repair issues, as well as new trainees. Fieldbit equips end users to resolve their own basic problems and perform more accurate diagnoses with remote guidance, thereby reducing the need for field engineer site visits. It quickens field engineers’ on-site performance and productivity, and increases first-time fix rates. The time has come. Transform your field service engineering team into a league of Super Engineers.

Knowledge capture

Experienced technicians use Fieldbit to capture on-the-job knowledge and share it across the organization. Visual records of every complex repair are retrievable from your company’s resource repository.

Mobile app

All field engineers need to tap into the Fieldbit system, is a wireless network!

Hands-free Hardware

Smart glasses receive solution data direct to line of sight so hands are free to commit fixes.

SaaS platform

Solution sessions are captured, cataloged, and transmitted on Fieldbit’s out-of-the-box cloud-based platform.

Premium solution for:

  • Increase remote resolution rates by empowering customers to resolve issues collaboratively
  • Reduce CRU per page rate through real-time identification and remote diagnosis of problems
  • Increase first time fix rates and improve field service efficiency
Print Equipment Manufacturers
Medical Equipment Manufacturers
  • Reduce the number of dispatched engineers to one, “conferencing in” an unlimited number of remote collaborators for multi-disciplinary fixes and diagnoses
  • Enable fixing of constantly-evolving, highly complex machinery
  • Bring the right parts to the service call the first time
  • Streamline maintenance of facilities
  • Give “wings” to field engineers to solve all problems at all remote and unmanned sites
  • Faster and more accurate problem diagnosis leading to reduced equipment downtime
Utilities Providers
Industrial Machinery
  • Diagnose and fix problems quickly without need to bring additional experts onsite
  • Connect end users, local support office and 3rd party experts to resolve complex technical issues, collaboratively
  • Reduce downtimes, flights and visits

What people are saying about Fieldbit

  • “Fieldbit streamlines the maintenance of facilities for water production, delivery and quality and allows for faster problem diagnosis, reduced equipment downtime and expedited training of new technicians.”

    Yossi Yaacoby, Director of WaTech® Division, Mekorot

  • “Integrating Fieldbit with our Mobile Workforce Management suite provides field technicians with the innovative tools they need to complete their repair and service tasks more quickly and efficiently.”

    Israel Beniaminy, Senior VP ClickSoftware

  • “The industry that is likely to experience the greatest benefit from smart glasses is field service. Savings will come from diagnosing and fixing problems more quickly and without needing to bring additional experts to remote sites.”

    Smart Glasses Bring Innovation to Workplace Efficiency 2013, Gartner

  • The Fieldbit advanced modules such as panoramic and multi-display viewer are best fitted for EPSON Moverio BT-200 technology. This integration will define a new experience for field service engineers."
    Oren Fleisher, Country Manager Epson

  • Actemium and Axians Launch Innovative Augmented Reality Solutions and Services Based on Fieldbit Technology

    Veghel, the Netherlands, November 9, 2016 – Actemium and Axians, both brands of VINCI Energies and leaders in industrial and ICT solutions and services, today announced a new collaboration with Fieldbit, a frontrunner in the field of augmented reality (AR) solutions for field services. Customers will benefit from a more streamlined industrial process, with fewer human errors, greater efficiencies, and ultimately, lower costs.

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  • Kurtz Streamlines Field Service for Particle Foam Machines with Fieldbit’s Augmented Reality Platform

    Kreuzwertheim / Dusseldorf, 19 October 2016 - The collaboration will enable the Kurtz GmbH to deliver exceptional field service to its particle foam machine customers, for increased machine uptime and productivity. The companies will be exhibiting at the K-2016 trade show.

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  • Fieldbit Announces Appointment of Stephen Timms to Its Advisory Board

    Tel Aviv, Israel, September 27, 2016 – Fieldbit, a global leader in real-time augmented reality solutions, announced today the appointment of Stephen Timms to its advisory board. Previously, Stephen spent over a decade in senior executive roles at ClickSoftware.

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  • ClickSoftware Partners to Deliver Augmented Reality and Fleet Management Solutions

    BURLINGTON, Mass., Sept. 20, 2016 - On a mission to extend the definition of field service management, ClickSoftware, the leading provider of field service management software, announced two strategic technology partnerships expected to bring new capabilities to its cloud-based Service Edge platform. Service-first businesses have reached a tipping point as the customer demand for fast, friendly, proactive, real-time communication now has to happen without increasing cost or sacrificing quality. These partnerships help ClickSoftware's customers do just that. They can improve the reach of seasoned technicians beyond their geographic location to improve service outcomes, and reduce traffic incidents that can interfere with timely completion of service work.

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  • Fieldbit Revolutionizes Print Production Field Services with Augmented Reality

    Dusseldorf, Germany, May 26, 2016 – Fieldbit, an Israel-based technology company, announces the extension of its state-of-the-art field services solution to the print industry. Now, print production equipment manufacturers can equip their field service engineers with an easy-to-use augmented reality (AR) tool -- consisting of smart glasses, smart phone, web application and SaaS platform -- that enables hands-free real-time visual collaboration with remote experts on complex machinery fixes. It also enables end users to resolve more technical issues autonomously, in conjunction with a vendor’s customer care center, without the need to dispatch field services.

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Customers & Partners

Air Liquide
Click Software
Kurtz Ersa
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Who is Fieldbit?

Fieldbit is bringing the field services industry to a whole new level. The innovation is brought to you by a small group of visionaries with a combined 100+ years of experience in automation, industrial control, computer vision, big data, and computer storage.
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A pioneer in SCADA software (acquired by PTC for $170M), co-founder of Hashavshevet. B.Sc. EE, Technion. MBA Kellogg-Recanati, Tel Aviv University.



VP Sales and Marketing

Senior sales and marketing manager with companies such as Axeda, Metrolight, Electronics Line and PowerSines. B.Sc. EE, Technion. MBA Manchester Business School.




Software team leader IBM XIV, R&D Lab Manager and a developer of embedded RT software solutions. B.Sc. EE & Computer Science, Tel-Aviv University.



Development Advisor/Idea Generator

Fascinated by the impact of new technology on our future, the way it will affect management and the way in which we work together.

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